Residential Epoxy Flooring

Elevate curb appeal and protect your outdoor concrete surfaces from Central Florida elements. Increase your property value with our decorative, durable, long-lasting and hypoallergenic epoxy floor coatings designed for every part of your home.

Pool Decks, Driveways and Patio Resurfacing

Has your driveway or pool deck started to show signs of wear and tear? Have you noticed weeds growing through small cracks on your outdoor concrete surfaces? Discoloration, cracks and weeds can hinder your curb appeal and lead to more serious issues and damages if left untreated.

Resurfacing your patio or driveway with durable and decorative epoxy floor coatings will increase your curb appeal and protect your home from water issues and your surfaces from damage.

Our epoxy flake and quartz flooring are durable, weather and waterproof options for driveways and pool decks. Their decorative, long-lasting finish will protect your outdoor concrete surfaces from stains, cracks, chips, weather elements and fading. They will also provide a safe, non-slip surface for your family to walk on.

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Guaranteed for Life: Our Flooring Comes with a Lifetime Warranty

Exceptional craftsmanship backed by a lifetime warranty so you can fully enjoy your floors.

Interior Residential Epoxy Floors

Do you dream of aesthetically pleasing floors for your home that is easy to maintain and will not break the bank?

Traditional flooring options such as carpet, tiles or vinyl might seem cheaper, but their longevity does not come near epoxy floor coatings.

Our decorative epoxy floor finishes not only provide an aesthetically pleasing floor that will compliment any interior, but they also bring a ton of benefits unmatched by other flooring options.

  • Hypoallergenic - The seamless, non-porous finish doesn't harbor bacteria, allergens, mold, dirt or mildew, making epoxy hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

  • Pet friendly - Our floors do not emit any harmful VOCs, as well as they are scratch and stain resistant.

  • Light reflective - The high-gloss finish of epoxy floors can drastically increase brightness in your home.

  • Easy to clean - Cleaning is as easy as mopping with warm soapy pH-neutral detergents. Do not use bleaches or chemicals on our floors, as this will compromise the integrity of the product and cause discoloration.

Our Interior Floor Finishes

Transform your countertops with Epoxy

Superior Concrete Coating offers beautiful high-end epoxy countertops installation services that are industry-standard. We can make the impossible possible by surfacing your kitchen, bathroom, office, school and even labs with these incredible countertops.

Epoxy countertops are an excellent way to create a long-lasting and attractive kitchen for your Central Florida home without re-doing the entire surface. It's a safe way to protect your space from potential problems in the future while also giving you a pleasant and professional-looking edge at a low cost.

Epoxy countertops come in various colors and textures to imitate more expensive materials such as marble and granite. However, they are significantly less expensive! So, whether you live in a rented apartment or want to update the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank, epoxies are for you! Installing epoxy resin can be done in as little as a few hours and our experts have the tools and knowledge to get the job done correctly.

Contact us today if you want to give your kitchen, bathroom, or living area a new look.

Transform your home with the latest flooring craze.

If you feel there are better choices than epoxy flooring for your home, why not utilize the concrete floors in your home and turn them into a luxurious surface with polished concrete? Our experienced team can turn any concrete into a polished diamond, which will impress all of your guests.

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From garage flooring to commercial epoxy flooring and polished concrete, we have everything needed to transform your property into a modern and well functioning space.