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Turn your biggest room into your most enjoyable one with our decorative, hard-wearing and easy to maintain epoxy floor coatings specifically designed for residential garage floors.

Why Choose epoxy for your garage floor

Superior Concrete Coating designs epoxy flooring systems with numerous advantages for Central Florida residential and commercial garage floors. With epoxy flooring solutions, your concrete floor will combine form and substance. Our experienced team installs epoxy flooring systems that create durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing results.

Garage floor epoxy is an excellent way to produce a long-lasting, hard-wearing, and visually appealing floor in your garage. It offers maximum garage floor protection and instantly transforms your worn-out and dull concrete surface into a functional and beautiful area.

It will give your garage a showroom appearance and shine. You can select from a wide range of solid colors, custom made metallic colors and vinyl flake chips to create a one-of-a-kind look for your garage.

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Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floors

Long-Lasting and Durable Surface

Our epoxy flooring systems transform concrete floors into high-performance, long-lasting, seamless surfaces. They withstand abrasions, chips, cracks, stains, hot tires, machine oils, chemicals, and road salts.

High-gloss finish

Our epoxy floors have a high-gloss light reflective finish that can increase your garage brightness by almost 300 percent.

UV Stable

All of our floor coatings are sealed with a UV stable polyurethane topcoat. The clear topcoat will not only protect your new garage floor from damage but also from fading, discoloration and yellowing due to direct sunlight.

Smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces

Our epoxy flooring systems transform the concrete surface into a seamless, easy-to-clean and maintained surface. As a result, dust, dirt, and debris are easily removed and liquids will not soak into the floor.

Budget Friendly

Regardless of the initial cost of preparing the concrete surface and installation, our epoxy flooring systems will be less expensive in the long run than other flooring systems. This is because epoxy flooring systems are long-lasting and do not require costly maintenance.


Our garage floor systems come in a variety of colors, textures and patterns. We can also incorporate logos onto your finished floor. To see the full range of colors, vinyl chips and metallic pigments, you can click here.

Our Garage Floor Finishes

Installation Process

Many DIY garage floor projects fail because of the product used but how it was installed. At Superior Concrete Coating, we have a meticulous installation process that focuses on the most minor details of floor preparation.

We start every floor by mechanically grinding the concrete to remove any traces of old paint, coatings, glues, oils and stains.

We then repair all cracks and holes on the floor. This step ensures the concrete's structural integrity and the epoxy coating.

When we are done with floor preparation, we move on to applying the chosen floor system. For Epoxy flake flooring, we broadcast the flakes at 100%. Once the base coat is cured, we scrape off the excess flakes.

Once the floor is fully cured, we seal it with a UV stable polyurethane topcoat, protecting it from stains, chips, abrasion, stains and fading.

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