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Enchance the look and performance of your Central Florida concrete floors with our polished concrete and concrete sealing services.

Concrete Surface preparation central florida

Are you planning to install flooring that requires a good bondage with the existing concrete surface? If your concrete floors are not adequately prepared for your new flooring, you risk your new flooring to start peeling, lifting, cracking or getting damaged soon after installation.

At Superior Concrete Coating, we use a range of dust free floor grinders for surface preparation to help clean and remove contaminants such as old paint, old floor systems and oils. By mechanically grinding your floors, we also level out the floor and fix any imperfections in the concrete floor, slab or walkway.

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Concrete Sealing Central Florida

Do you have concrete surfaces that are starting to show signs of wear and tear? Do you want to protect them without losing their natural beauty?

At Superior Concrete Coating, we specialize in concrete sealing, which is a great and affordable way of protecting your concrete floors from damage and wear and tear.

This simple process of mechanically grinding the top layer of your concrete and sealing it with a clear, UV stable polyurethane sealer can extend the life of your concrete floors. Our high-performance, industrial grade concrete sealers are designed to protect concrete surfaces from stains, water damage, chips, cracks, abrasions and fading. They also provide a beautiful gloss finish that will enhance the natural beauty of the concrete.

Concrete sealing is a great affordable solution for residential garages, driveways, patios, warehouses, big box retail stores, storage facilities, retail spaces, foyers, lobbies and any areas that experience high foot traffic.

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Exceptional craftsmanship backed by a lifetime warranty so you can fully enjoy your floors.

Polished Concrete Floors Central Florida

Consider polished concrete floors for a durable, attractive, and easy to maintain finish. It is quickly become the desired no-wax flooring material, beating traditional, expensive and environmentally-unfriendly materials such as carpeting and linoleum. This type of flooring is ideal for commercial and residential spaces.  Regardless of whether the floor is old or new, any desired gloss can be achieved thanks to concrete polishing application techniques and equipment advances.

This is often the most cost-effective long-term flooring solution on the market. Polished concrete floors are durable, easy to clean and maintain, moisture resistant, light-reflective, cost effective and long-lasting.

Polished concrete floors can be put into service as soon as the polishing process is complete. In addition, due to the cleanliness of the installation and the lack of toxic or hazardous chemicals, polished concrete floors can often be commissioned as soon as the project is completed, making it ideal for Central Florida industrial and commercial facilities that cannot afford to shut down for an extended period.

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If our concrete floor finishes are not what you are looking for, why not check out our epoxy flooring finishes for residential, commercial and garages. They are both decorative, hard-wearing, easy to maintain and will last for years to come.