Commercial Flooring

At Superior Concrete Coating, we specialize in a range of durable and long-lasting epoxy floor coatings specifically designed for Central Florida commercial properties.

Retail Flooring central florida

Epoxy flooring are used in many Centrial Florida retail spaces and boutique shops as their durability and safety features make them the best choice for functionality and maintenance.

There are endless choices for finishes that can complement the presentation of your products, from a wide range of flake finishes to emblazing your brand logo and colours into the design.

Epoxy flooring can provide a beautiful foundation that compliments your fit out without deflecting attention away from your products.

Warehouse flooring

The successful operation of every warehouse depends on the condition of the floor. Unfortunately, concrete floors in busy warehouses can quickly be damaged by forklifts, heavy loads and spills. Damaged concrete floors can cause injuries and damage to equipment and result in expensive repairs and costly closures.

Epoxy floor coatings is a extremely hard-wearing solution for warehouses. It will protect the underlying concrete slab from damage and provide a safe working environment.

Our solid colors epoxy floors with their light reflective finish can increase the brightness in your warehouse and improve safety.

The non-porous surface of epoxy flooring will make your warehouse floors easy to clean and maintain. A non-slip agent can be added to the final coat to increase anti-slip.

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Commercial Kitchen Flooring central florida

Traditional kitchen flooring has long been vinyl because it is seamless and easy to maintain. However, epoxy flooring is taking over for several reasons, one of which is maintenance because when vinyl splits from being damaged, it is immediately rendered unhygienic and hard to maintain.

Thanks to their durability, water resistance, and anti-slip surface, epoxy quartz and epoxy flake floors are great options for commercial kitchens.

These flooring options are chemical, acid and animal fat resistant. They can withstand high-temperature variables without deforming. In addition, they have a non-porous, seamless finish that is easy to clean and will not harbor bacteria or microorganisms.

Office flooring

Seamless office flooring can be stunning, boost productivity and portray a bright, clean and professional environment.

Epoxy flooring have long been popular in high traffic areas like reception, foyers, hallways; and are increasingly being used in office spaces.

Apart from the aesthetic appeal of epoxy, it is much easier to maintain and remove stains than carpet or vinyl. It also doesn't harbor any dust, bacteria or allergens, providing a healthier environment.

Our Commercial Floor Finishes

We offer a wide range of durable and decorative floor finishes for a wide range of commercial properties.

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